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Do you love colors and coloring? online coloring books

Well so do I. The idea of creating this online coloring books website was in my mind for a long time - and finally I decided it was time to do something about it.

I have drawn and painted since I was a toddler. All through my childhood I remember sitting somewhere with crayons, coloring pictures in a coloring book. Those were kids coloring pages of course, and I could never have enough coloring books for myself. I just loved them. When ever my parents bought me a new coloring book it felt like Christmas all over again.

My love for coloring books developed into love of
drawing and eventually I started painting on canvas. online coloring books
. I´ve had my own art shows and paintings exhibited abroad too. Horses and Egyptological subjects (as I am an Egyptologist).

Learning about colors had everything to do with the coloring books of my childhood.

I know most coloring books and coloring sheets are for children, but adults color too! It is a relaxing hobby that brings a lot of joy. There are adult coloring pages also that are very detailed and challenging - but oh so much fun!

For children coloring teaches patience and attention to detail. But most of all - it is fun! Using all those beautiful colors might even awaken a true artist in a child. online coloring books

What makes these online coloring books so unique then?

Well - I have drawn them myself. So you can find them only here. And because they are online, they are printable coloring pages. You don´t need to drive to a store to get them. You´ll find free coloring pages under each section. So easy! Just click to open a big picture, and print as many as you like. If the result isn't what you wanted, just take another print and begin again.

If you need advice on how to color, I am adding coloring advice on these pages, and also on an e-magazine. You will find links to the Online Coloring Books magazine on these pages. You will get step by step advice on which colors to use, and how to add them.

online coloring books I hope you´ll have as much fun coloring these pictures as I had Happy coloring! Have fun!


(P.S. If you are a child under 13 years of age, do ask permission from your parents to use Online Coloring Books)

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