About Me

My name is Leena and I love to paint and draw. I remember how much I loved coloring books when I was a child. I could spend hours coloring and was constantly asking my parents to buy me new coloring books.

I have painted all my life - specializing in horses and lately ancient Egyptian subjects (I am an Egyptologist). But the memory of those long happy hours with coloring sheets never really left me.

And so I thought that why not put up a website and make new, original coloring pages that I have drawn myself. Original coloring sheets, something one could find only on my website.

I have so loved drawing each and every one of these drawings - and I hope whoever prints them out and colors them will enjoy them also. These coloring sheets are done in a simple style to make them fun to color.

I'll be adding drawings here when ever I have a little extra time so do come back often.

These coloring sheets are not to be sold anywhere - if you see someone doing so, I'd like to hear about it. After all - they are drawn by me and are copyrighted.

I'm glad to meet you and hope to see you visit my coloring book site often!

Leena Pekkalainen

P.S. I received my Certificate in Egyptology in 2012, and Diploma in Egyptology in 2014, at the University of Manchester. If you wish to check my Egyptology website and cheeky Mr Mummific, you can do so at www.ancientegypt101.com

I also write novels. Here you can read my author blog.

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Adult Coloring Pages

Tutankhamon's Golden Mask

Online Coloring Books Magazine - nr.2

Perhaps the most famous ancient Egyptian treasure in the world. 

Create your own piece of art. Each page has a color sample, and all the techniques are explained.

Abyssinian Cat With Flowers

Online Coloring Books Magazine - nr.1

It shows you step by step how to color this pretty Abyssinian cat with flowers. Each page has a color sample, and all the techniques are explained.