Autumn Leaves Coloring Pages

With these autumn leaves coloring pages you can really play with color! Mix beautiful yellows and reds together and see how a hint of green affects your artwork.

Test also different colored backgrounds. See how blue and green bring the yellows and reds out beautifully. Also have you ever tried a brown background - it makes quite a warm effect! How about very light violet? Sometimes the morning mist can be of a beautifully violet hue.

When I was a child I used to collect bright colored autumn leaves and put them in a small vase on my table. For a while the colors were so beautiful!

And perhaps at school you also used to collect autumn leaves from a park, or sidewalk, or forest, and bring them back to school to glue them on paper and put on the classroom wall? It sure brings back memories!

I love all the seasons and consider myself lucky to live in a climate where the seasons change, because there is beauty in all of the season. Still, I think autumn is the most colorful and beautiful season of them all. 

And here are the free autumn leaves coloring pages

Autumn Leaves

Here is a collection of different tree leaves you can color with beautiful reds and yellow.  Have you ever noticed how leaves of different trees can have a completely different color when fall comes? Some can be pure red, and others pure yellow. Some have all the shades of orange mixed with the reds and yellows. And some are simply of beautiful brown hues - yes, even brown can be quite beautiful

Why not carefully cut them out after coloring?

click to download this PDF file here.

Autumn Tree

Wind has already taken some of the leaves from this tree - but the remaining leaves are beautiful and bright against the sky. You can color the sky blue, or grey, or yellow or pink - is it day time or maybe sunset or sunrise. How about a starry sky and a tree in blue colors? Your imagination is the only limit!

There are leaves on the green grass too (grass often stays amazingly green for a long time in autumn). Do you see the little mushrooms?

click to download this PDF file here.

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