Cat Coloring Pages

I loved cat coloring pages when I was a child. I had a cat of my own, a moggie, and I loved her very much. She was grey tuxedo cat but I always dreamt of having a red cat as well.

Later on I have had several red cats, but there are so many cat breeds in this world - grey, white, striped, spotty, red, black... And in your imagination the cat can be of any color! 

I have made these kitty coloring pages for all you who love cats those mischievous, lovable furry friends.

I will paint some of these coloring sheets for myself to let you see how they can be colored.

All of these cat coloring pages are for your personal use only.

Cat Coloring Pages
for Adults

Cat Coloring Sheet
Abyssinian Cat With Petunias

A coloring sheet of a pretty little Aby girl with violet flowers.A coloring sheet of a pretty little Aby girl with violet flowers.

This is a coloring sheet I did of my own pretty Aby girl Pipsa. If you wish to get the painted version of the sheet for your reference, you will find it as prints and cards in Zazzle and Cafepress

Click on the drawing on the right to download it as pdf for coloring.

Cat Coloring Pages for Kids

Cat Coloring Sheet
Kitty and Butterfly

A pretty butterfly is resting its wings on a beautiful summer day - and the cat is wondering who is its new colorful friend.

The sun shines from a bright blue sky - small clouds in the sky give a little shadow but the day is sunny.

Pretty little flowers are looking at the sun - what color are they?

Click on the drawing to download it as pdf.

Cat Coloring Sheet
Pretty Kitty

The prettiest little kitty is sitting on a fine cushion. But it looks like she is ready to play, or what do you think? what color are her stripes? How about her cushion? Are those pearls on the cushion? 

Click on the drawing to download it for coloring.

Cat Coloring Sheet
Rolling Kitty

Isn't this cat the cutest? It is certainly enjoying its day to the fullest. Maybe the sun is shining to its tummy? Or is it asking you to come and play with it? What color do you think its eyes are? 

Click on the picture to download it as pdf and have fun coloring it!

Cat Coloring Sheet
Smiling Kitty

Sometimes you could swear cats smile. Maybe they are amused by us - or thinking of a cat-joke only a cat would understand. Or then they can be just plain happy. This cat certainly is very content - just look at those eyes. What color do you think this kitty is?

Click on the picture to download it for coloring.

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All the drawings of the Cat Coloring Pages are copyrighted by the artist. They can be downloaded for personal use only, and they or the derivative works created with them are not to be used for commercial gain. 

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Adult Coloring Pages

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