Chesire Cat Coloring Pages

The grin of the Chesire Cat is the best of all cat smiles! I have seen cats smile when they are content - well it sure looks like it. (And every cat person knows what I mean, I am sure. I've had seven cats in my life so far, three at the moment, and they all know how to smile.)

Alice Speaks to the Cat

Here Alice stands under the bough where the famous cat is looking at the world. It looks like the cat has some idea in his mind... Must have been quite some meeting. Imagine that: talking to a cat! (Ahem, well, I have to say I do that every day, so maybe the situation isn't quite as strange after all)

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Chesire Cat Fades

This cat did not just jump off the tree and run away like normal cats do. Oh no, instead he faded away. Can you imagine? Starting from the tail and the last thing to vanish was the smile. Must have been quite some sight - to have nothing but the huge grin showing!

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What to Do With a Cat's Head?

Now here's the predicament... The executioner is of the opinion you cannot behead anything if that "anything" is only a head with no body. The king thinks that anything with a head can be beheaded. And the Queen says that unless someone does something and fast, they would all be beheaded.

Hmm... Sometimes the Wonderland doesn't sound such a nice place!

But the odd cat doesn't mind - just look at that grin! You could say he is mightily amused!

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I hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures form the Alice in Wonderland. The story has been a favorite of children for a long long time, and many movies have been made of it also, all different and all interesting. 

I have always enjoyed these delicate drawings - they were not originally meant to be colored, which you can see from all the shadings (which you would normally do with colors). Still, I am sure these pictures look lovely when carefully colored. 

I would like to thank Liam Quin for his kind permission to publish these pictures on Online Coloring Books.

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