Christmas Coloring Pages

Ahh, Christmas...! Isn't it the best thing ever? These Christmas coloring pages ease the hard part in Christmas - which is the waiting for it, isn't it? At least I hope coloring these will make the Big Day come a bit faster. They may make it a bit easier to be nice and behave well before Christmas.

Here you will find different kinds of Christmas coloring sheets: Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Nativity scenes, snowy Christmas landscapes, presents, reindeer, Christmas stockings - what ever I have time to draw... All for you to color beautiful!

Don't know about you but I sure could color Christmas coloring sheets all year long... Sometimes I wish it was Christmas all the time, but I suppose you could get tired of Christmas then, as hard as it is to believe...

You know what you could do with these coloring sheets? You could give these Christmas coloring sheets as presents to your family and friends too! I'm sure they would look good when framed. What would be nicer than a Christmas painting you could hang on your wall each year when Christmas approaches? 

And here are the free Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas Snow Scenes Coloring Pages

We all love snowy Christmas scenes. So if you want to color a Christmas snowy scene, you will find it here! 

Somehow snow and Christmas go together, even though the very first Christmas was celebrated in a country where you don't see snow often... And much of the world doesn't have snow during Christmastime.

Still - if you love snow and Christmas, color away!!

Christmas Stocking Coloring Page

Here is a Christmas stocking coloring page for you to color beautiful. Included is also the legend of the very first Christmas stockings! 

So go ahead and read how the tradition started, and then color these fun pages!

Christmas Stocking coloring pags

Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Here you will find Christmas trees to color. So take out those greens and reds and make these trees as beautiful as you can.

After all - what is Christmas without a Christmas tree? 

(My Christmas tree is always as full of decorations as possible...)

Christmas Tree Coloring Page 

Christmas tree coloring page

Nativity Coloring Pages

Every once in a while it is good to remember the origins of Christmas. These nativity scenes take you back to the first Christmas. 

There were no decorations, and only one present... A little baby.

Nativity coloring pages 

Nativity coloring page

Santa Coloring Pages

Jolly old Father Christmas doing what he does best - bringing joy to people. These Santa Claus coloring pages are sure to keep you busy before Christmas! 

So ho-ho-ho, color away!

Santa Coloring Pages 

Santa Claus coloring page

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Adult Coloring Pages

Tutankhamon's Golden Mask

Online Coloring Books Magazine - nr.2

Perhaps the most famous ancient Egyptian treasure in the world. 

Create your own piece of art. Each page has a color sample, and all the techniques are explained.

Abyssinian Cat With Flowers

Online Coloring Books Magazine - nr.1

It shows you step by step how to color this pretty Abyssinian cat with flowers. Each page has a color sample, and all the techniques are explained.