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Christmas snow scenes... For some reason Christmas and snow go hand in hand in our minds. Just look at the Christmas cards and Advent calendars - more often than not there is snow.

And true enough - snow gives a beautiful light of its own even in the darkest of seasons. Now this of course only applies to the Northern hemisphere - in the Southern part of the globe it is summer at Christmastime. 

But I grew up in the north, where (if my memory serves me right) the Christmases were always snowy and beautiful. A thick blanket of snow covering the landscape immediately brings Christmas to mind. All those beautiful pink, blue and golden hues reflecting from the snow can be breathtakingly beautiful.

Here are some snowy Holiday scenes for you to color! I hope they will make the waiting easier (we all know how hard it is to wait for Christmas to arrive!)

Christmas Snow Scenes:
Christmas Snowman

Do you remember the Christmas song that says "Snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow"?

Well here it sure has happened - a snowman looks happy after new snow has fallen. He is wearing a similar outfit as Santa Claus - and he sure fills it well. A little cat sits happily in front of the door - maybe she has come out to wait for the real Santa Claus to arrive? A lantern with a real candle gives light into the night - can you color a circle of golden light into the snow around it?

Snow has fallen on the windows too. You can see the Christmas tree inside, baubles and tinsel and all. And how about the mouse? Can you find it?

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