Christmas Stocking Coloring Page

Christmas coloring pages would be nothing without a christmas stocking coloring page!

I drew this one when I was listening to Christmas carols - a little over a week before Christmas. Snow had falled for the first time and everything looked so... well, christmassy!

Christmas Stocking Coloring Page
with a Teddy Bear and a Doll

So you know the legend behind the Christmas stocking?

It begins like a fairy tale - long ago, in a village, there lived a man with three daughters, whom he loved greatly. In those days it was the custom that when a girl married, she was supposed to bring a dowry into the marriage. The bigger the dowry, the more suitors she would have.

Well, this father was very poor - and he had three daughters. He was very worried about them because he could not afford to give them anything if they married. If they remained unmarried, their future would not be secure. In those old time the family was your old-age security, unless you were very rich.

Saint Nicholas who happened to live nearby, heard of the family and decided to help - but he wanted to do this in secret. He decided to give each girl a bag of gold. He waited for the night to fall and then crept into their home through the chimney. (Now that must have been some chimney - or maybe he had some magical abilities!!)

So there he stood, wondering where to put the little bags of gold coins. He saw the girls had washed their stockings and put them to dry over the mantelpiece so that they would be dry in the morning. They were so poor they only had one pair of stockings each. But to Saint Nicholas the stockings were the perfect place to put the gold bags!

And so, the girls woke up the next morning to find the gold. Imagine their surprise at what they found- and the joy of their father, knowing that now they could marry. 

And guess who Saint Nicholas was? I think you can... Yes: he became our Santa Claus! 

And here is a Christmas stocking for you to color. The stockign could be of any color: red, blue, green... The little doll and the teddy bear also await your colors with interest. Your choice! Have fun!

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