Dot to Dot Pages of Dogs

Here are dot to dot pages of dogs for dog lovers. Anyone who loves dogs understands why it is so much fun to draw dogs, to color dogs - and do dog dot to dots. (Dot to dots were my favorite pastime together with drawing and painting, when I was a child)

You might want to add your own extras into these drawings - are the dogs in the woods? Draw trees! Are there birds in the sky? Or are they inside a house? Can you draw the room behind them? Or maybe they sit in a meadow, and you can add flowers around them. How about trying to draw a similar dog right next to the one you just created? It's good exercise when you are learning to draw. 

You can also color you dot to dots and send your art for all to see. It is so much fun to see in how many different ways people can color their dogs. Even if they are of the similar color, we all have different techniques and so the end result always looks a bit different.

Here you can draw your own golden retriever. One of the sweetest family loving dog breeds. One of my favorite breeds for sure.

click to download this PDF file here.

One you've done the dot-to-to you may color the dog. Is your golden retriever light golden in color? Or perhaps a bit darker gold? How pink is the tongue?

Dot to Dot pages
a Jack Russell terrier

Here is a playful Jack Russell waiting for you to give him shape!

This little dog needs a lot of activities so you need to play with him daily. Jack Russells tend to entertain themselves if their families don't give them enough activities. They need to burn a lot of energy at play, or else you will find your home in a bit of a chaos... Chewed shoes and furniture first come to mind. So no dog for a couch potato!

Is your Jack Russell brown and white or does he have black too? What is your favorite color for the collar? How about the little hearts on the ball? Are they all of a different color or all the same color?

click to download this PDF file here.

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