Dot to Dot

One thing I really loved as a child were the dot to dot printables. It was so much fun to see what kind of a picture was hiding there!

The challenge was to make the lines as natural looking as possible. (You know - to make a line curve when it was supposed to do so instead of looking angular.)

Some of these dot-to-dots you can find on this site also as coloring pages - you may compare your work to the original drawing. Try to see if you find the original on another page here on

Some of the pictures are here only as dot-to-dots, so you can be surprised at what kind of a picture you will see..

But whichever the case - do show your dot-to-dot art to us all - and do color them too!

Have fun!

Dot-to-Dot Winter

dot to dot - winter

Here you find winter-themed dot-to-dot printables.

Have fun!

Dog Dot-to-Dots

dog dot to dots

Here are fun dog dot-to-dots for those of us who love dogs.

Horse Dot-to-Dots

horse dot to dots

Here are horse dot-to-dots for anyone who is interested in tracing the outlines of a horse. If you wish to learn to draw horses, these dot-to-dot excerices may be useful to you!

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