Elephant Coloring Pages

Because I loved elephants as a child, I of course wanted to draw elephant coloring pages too. There's just something magnificent about elephants. How huge they are, how they care about their family and friends..

Elephant can live as long as people, and they seem to have a deep emotional life as well - elephant herds have been known to stay near the skeleton of their dead elephant friend, and stroking the bones with their trunks. They take care of the little ones and help them out of trouble. The matriarch, the oldest female of the herd, knows all the paths to watering holes and places where food can be found at any season. They pass this knowledge to the herd. The females and their young stay together for years -  young bulls will go on their own adventures when they become mature enough.

I am sure we have seen pictures of circus elephants as well, but the best place for an elephant is to be in the wild. Lets do our best they can also continue to live in peace. Never buy anything made of ivory! Poaching is a serious threat to this wonderful animal.

Many refuges have been established to orphaned baby elephants, who have lost their mothers to poachers. Also many working elephants in Asia are being given a chance of spending their retirement years in nice surroundings, with other elephants. 

Elephant Coloring Pages: 
a Young Elephant

This is a drawing of a young elephant whose tusks have just started to grow. It seems to be greeting you with its trunk.

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elephant coloring page

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