Fall Coloring Pages

These fall coloring pages show all the fun of autumn. Sure it is a bit sad to leave the beautiful summer behind, but there is so much fun in fall! It really is my favorite season, color-wise. If you really look around you, the colors are simply amazing. 

The beautiful colors of fall are simply amazing, if you stop to really look at them. It is such a beautiful sight to see those red and yellow trees agaist the sky - especially when the sun shines through the leaves. Also the delicate hues of brown later in fall can be so beautiful. Ever really looked at the brown fallen leaves in the first frosty morning? How they have a white brim that glistens in the light?

And if it rains? Well get the brightest colored umbrella, raincoat and wellies you can find and splash away! Isn't the sound of raindrops fun?

The air is so crisp and wonderful during the fall too.

And isn't it fun to go to school again, see all your friends and share the stories of what happened during the summer?

I hope you enjoy these autumn coloring pages - use bright colors!

Autumn Leaves Coloring Pages

When autumn comes I always think nature is the best artist of all. Just look at those gorgeous reds and yellows in trees...

These autumn leaves coloring pages give you a chance to have real fun with colors. An autumn leaf can never be too colorful!

If you wish to make the leaves really stand out from the background, try coloring the leaves with yellow, red, and orange colors, and then color the background with blue or green. 

Fall Coloring Pages:
a Tree 

Here is an autumn tree coloring page. Imagine what the leaves look like against the sky... Is the sky bright blue? Or maybe grey? Are the leaves yellow or red or both? Are there still patches of green there? 

How about the lawn under the tree? It often stays green quite long, especially is northern climates. See how the fallen leaves pop up from their green background.

And the trunk of the tree - what if you didn't just color it with solid brown, but used shadows and highlights as well? Imagine from which direction the sun in shining, and color that part with a lighter brown - and the shadow side with a darker hue.

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