Free Dog Coloring Pages

These free dog coloring pages are for you to have fun with. Use your crayons or brushes and make a whole art show of dogs!

Dogs have so many wonderful colors - reds, browns, whites, blacks, golden, grey... And they all have very expressive eyes. You know those eyes that try to convince you that no one ever scratches the poor dog or gives them enough to eat... 

Show us your dog coloring art here!

Free Jack Russel Terrier coloring sheet

jack russell terrier coloring sheet

Jack Russels are always ready to do something fun. Actually you need to give them lots to do so they won´t be bored. Because if they are, they may decide to come up with their own idea of fun. (Usually it involves people´s shoes or furniture or rearranging the garden according their own doggy tastes. Digging their way under the fence and out of the yard is not unheard of either).

That is why this little Jack Russel terrier has a ball - wanna play?

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Cairn terrier

free dog coloring pages - cairn terrier

Aren't the cairn terriers cute! But the small size of the dog tells nothing of the big ego they have. They are ready to conquer the world - and a few hearts while they are at it.  Just look at their cute little furry faces and pretty eyes. What could be cuter?

click to download this PDF file here.

Golden Retriever

free dog coloring pages - golden retriever

Golden retriever is the dog breed that is the first to come to mind to many people when you talk about loyal dogs. They get along well with children, and provide wonderful company for those who love dogs. They look kind, they are kind and to top that off they are also beautiful dogs. How could you not love them?

(And they really have those famous pleading eyes, so take care you don't believe them when they sit next to your dinner table and try to convince you with their eyes that they have never eaten a thing. At least not for an hour.)

click to download this PDF file here.

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If you know others who love dogs and would like to color these sheets, spread the word! The more coloring sheets out there in the world, the better. It has become really fashionable to color these days - not only children but adults love it too!

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Jessica's Golden Retriever 
A beautiful golden retriever.

Jessica's Jack Russell Not rated yet
This little terrier is ready to play!

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