Free Horse Coloring Pages

Free horse coloring pages - oh, if only there would have been some when I was a child… But in those days there were not home computers or internet, so there were only two options: buy coloring books or draw your own horses. There really weren´t any horse coloring books, only one or two horses in any of the coloring books I got. And even those were not really well drawn, to tell you the truth...

Well, in my case that meant I learned to draw and color (and paint) my own horses. So it was a good thing - I might never have become a horse artist otherwise. But I could have used a few well drawn horse coloring sheets - to learn to draw horses myself. (One of the best ways to learn is to copy drawings and pictures, so it would really have helped).

But to make it easier for you - here are a few horse coloring pages for you to learn from. You can print them out and try to copy them by drawing. Remember you have to be patient, because practise makes you a master. The first efforts will be a bit clumsy, especially because these horses are realistically drawn. (It took me years to learn to draw horses from memory!)

And of course - you can just enjoy the coloring. You could tell your friends too where to find these free horse coloring pages and then you could color together! And send your coloring sheets back to this site to be published. (If you are a child, ask your parents first). Feel free to color these horses realistically - or let your imagination run wild! (Who said you couldn´t paint flowers on a horse - or make the horse blue?)

Have fun with these free horse coloring pages!

Free Horse Head Coloring Sheet

Do you thinkg this horse is black, white or brown? Are the eyes dark, light or even blue? Does he have a star? Is the mane black, red or white? There are so many possibilities to make this horse look just the way you want. So why not print many pages and make just as many versions as you like?

click to download this PDF file here.

Free Standing Horse Coloring Sheet

Here is a free standing horse coloring sheet for you. The horse is looking about alert but relaxed.

You can also color the background - is there a fence? A stable? Maybe mountains? How about the sky? Is it blue or cloudy? Is the sun rising or setting, making the sky some beautiful red or yellow color?

click to download this PDF file here.

Free Trotting Horse Coloring Sheet

Here is a picture of a trotting horse for you to color. The horse is enjoying its freedom, smelling the summer wind. Where is it headed to? Is there a friend waiting for it? Another horse perhaps?

click to download this PDF file here

Last But Not Least on Free Horse Coloring Pages: Galloping Horse 

Is there anything more beautiful than a galloping horse? Its beautiful movement has inspired the artists for thousands of years. This horse is in no hurry even though it gallops. It simply thinks it is more fun to run than walk, don´t you think?

click to download this PDF file here.

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I found this wonderful website that is all about Horse Books and Pony Stories. Do pay Sharon's lovely site a visit by clicking here! I am not paid to put her link here - I just love the site. Oh how I wish there had been such a site when I was a child. I loved horse and pony books!

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