Jungle Coloring Pages

Here you find jungle coloring pages. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be in a real jungle? Hearing the monkeys chatter in the trees, the birds whistling, the rustling of leaves... How about walking out of that jungle into an endless savannah, seeing the elephants, the lions, the gazelles...

I know I did dream of jungle adventures when I was a child. I loved adventure books where the hero was deep in a mysterious jungle...

Here are wild animals coloring pages for you to color. Lions, elephants, monkeys... Take out those colors and color these pictures beautiful!

And if you did a really good job, use the form at the end of the page to show your coloring sheet art to others also!


jungle coloring pages - elephant

Elephants are gorgeus... In a way they look very odd, but yet they are so majestic and beautiful. One of the most known symbols of good luck is an elephant with its trunk up in the air.

You will find elephant coloring pages here.


Lion king coloring page

The Lion King... Isn't he royal? Looking at his kingdom, knowing full well he is the king of his land. Here You can print out a coloring sheet of him.


jungle coloring pages - orangutang

Monkeys are everyone's favorites. Here you will find coloring sheets of monkeys!

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i love this website so creative and helps u do such a realistic picture if woould rate this app from 1 to 100 i would give it a 100% because this app has …