Kids Coloring Pages

On these kids coloring pages I will put coloring sheets of some fun subjects!

You will find princesses, teddy bears, cowboys, circus, clowns... I will be drawing each of these pictures myself because I want my visitors to have unique coloring pages no one else has.

Also these pages are easy to print so if a child wants to try different color variations, it is easy to do so - without having to buy a new coloring book each time. It can be a lot of fun too to give the same coloring sheet to a group of kids at the same time and see the different results - each a unique piece of art! (Which I am sure we would all love to see here!)

The most important thing is to have fun, but coloring develops concentration and coordination too.

I wish everyone a lot of fun with these printable coloring pages!

Princess Coloring Pages

princess coloring pages - princess with flower basket

Every little girl loves princess coloring pages. So here they are - with crowns and pretty dresses and beautiful hair.

Princess Coloring Pages

Teddy Bear Coloring Pages

teddy bear coloring pages - happy teddy

Why do we love teddy bears? Because they are such loyal friends. Here are teddy bear coloring pages for you to color with any color you like!

Teddy Bear Coloring Pages

I found a very interesting site I'm sure you might like to visit. Check out Pages for Children and see if you could help them spread some joy to sick children. Their idea is to send books and cards to sick children in hospitals. I am sure your help would be much appreciated.

(And just on a side note, if you wish to send coloring pages for any sick children in hospitals in your area, feel free to print out these free coloring pages and send to them for coloring.)

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