Nativity Coloring Pages

These nativity coloring pages are to remind of the origins of Christmas.

Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus have been the subject of art since the dawn of Christianity. Amazing artwork around the world testify to this.
I share my little contribution here on - Nativity scenes that are easy to color and maybe give as a Christmas present? Maybe friends could color these nativity scenes and compare their artwork. (And send some for us to admire here on the site as well?)

The serene first Christmas night with the star that led the wise men of the East to Bethlehem, the stable and the manger, the young mother and the miracle of a new life - all here in these scenes that are easy to color and even frame to your wall if you wish.

Show your nativity coloring art here!

Nativity with Ox and Donkey

nativity coloring page with ox and donkey

Like the legend says, the ox and donkey were present at the first Christmas night. Here they admire the newborn baby, and you can see the star shining bright in the sky.

Right-click to download this PDF file here.

Silent Night

nativity coloring page

The silent night of the first Christmas. The great star in the sky, the manger in the stable.. A new mother admiring her first born. Hills sleeping under the starry sky.

Right-click to download this PDF file here.

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