Santa Coloring Pages

These Santa coloring pages show jolly old Father Christmas doing what he does best - bringing joy to other people.
I used to have a neighbor who helped Santa a little - there's a lot of distance to Santa to cover on one night - even with magical flying reindeer - so my neighbor used to dress up as Santa Claus to help Santa. He played Santa at the work place Christmas party every year and did such a good job he had to do it every year. I mean he was jolly, laughed a lot, loved to give gifts and even looked like Santa! (And no, adults did not mind he was not the real Santa - and I'm sure Santa didn't mind either.)

These Santa Claus coloring pages are here to help to ease the long wait until Christmas.

Show your Santa coloring art here!

Santa and Reindeer

Santa Claus coloring page - santa with reindeer

Here Santa is packing the sleigh, drawn by his very favorite reindeer. Could it be Rudolph?

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Santa Claus Coloring Page

Santa Claus coloring page

It looks like someone caught Santa right at his job! Can you see the glass of milk and cookies on the mantelpiece? Who do you think will get that cute little teddy bear? And the doll sure looks happy to come to a new home. (I wonder what that big present is...)

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