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This is a character from my story that I just started yesterday. Her name is Sereca. She's a magical wild horse that I created, and is the mother of my main character, Fantinar. These are the opening lines:

As I slowly walked into the glade, I knew something was different. I restlessly paced back and forth for a while before turning and stopping, flicking my ears back and forth nervously. My best friend, Niacara, nuzzled me, and I lipped her mane reassuringly. Leaving the herd, I walked towards a clump of heavy pine trees, slipping in between a small opening. I walked in circles for several minutes, although it seemed like several hours to me. Finally I lowered myself down with a grunt, settling down in a comfortable position. I prepared myself as the pain began.

When I left the grove, a small silver colt was tottering at my side. His mane was tinted a bright blue, and when his coat flashed in the sun, it shone the same color. His hooves were a pale pink, with a red zigzag pattern inscribed on each delicate hoof. A pure blue splashed on the end of his tail, like someone had taken blue paint and dipped the end of his stubbly tail in it. Like his Father, there was a blue symbol on his flank, the mark of our herd. It looked a bit like a bolt of lightning with dots on the left, and the mark was strong on this colt. Surely he was destined for something great. As Niacara trotted forward to greet me, the silver colt whinnied. She stopped in amazement. Most of our kind don?t make any sounds until they are at least a week old. Yes. This colt had the blood of his ancestors running deep within his veins. The other horses now began to come forward, hearing the shrill sound, most with pricked ears. Niacara curiously snuffled him, and a few of the mares nickered to me. When the silver colt began to press against my side, I nudged the mares back. They whickered in understanding tones, and all but Niacara went back to grazing. She whinnied softly, questioningly. I turned my gaze to the tiny foal that stood beside me, intelligent eyes staring into my own. Fantinar. I would name him Fantinar.

Leena's answer

Thank you so much for your beautiful artwork! And I love the beginnings of the story. I used to read every single horse story I could get my hands on as a little girl, and these words certainly draw the reader into the story!

(And sorry I had to shorten your headline a bit - for some reasons it was full of questionm marks. I could get the Sereca of Silver... and then something, but I could not figure out the rest.)

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