Snowman Coloring Page
Snowman and a Little Cat

Here you can follow the way you could color this snowman coloring page. You will see step by step instructions on how to color this free coloring sheet. 

The picture comes first, and the explanation is under it.

Step by Step Coloring

So this is where we begin. Print the drawing for yourself (you will find it on the previous page). If necessary, you may draw the lines a bit darker, depending on the quality of your print.

Let's begin by coloring the background of this snowman coloring page - try to stay outside the lines of the trees and the snowman and his cat. If you color slowly, this is easier to do. (I remember when I was in a kindergarten, I was so eager to get my coloring done I colored criss-cross all over the lines. Then once I sat down and really concentrated on the coloring, and was surprised how much better the result was when I colored slowly.)

Here I have colored the sky and the snow with the same light blue color. Yes, blue. Have you noticed how many beautiful colors there are in the snow? It isn't just pure white - in shadows it may be beautifully blue. And sometimes the sky and the snow can be of the same color so you really don't know where snow ends and sky begins.

And now I have added a light blue color on the trees in the background. The idea is to make them lighter than the background so they stand out. If you make them the same color as the sky, they almost disappear from view. 

To bring the trees out even better, I have chosen a darker blue to shade them a bit. I made the light come from the left, and so the shadows come to the right hand side. Also if you look carefully, you'll notice the light comes from slightly above, so the shadows are under the branches.

And here I have chosen a cooler shade of blue, to make the trees show even better.

If you now look at the trees, you will see golden light reflected from the snow. Remember that snow can have many beautiful colors. We are just used to thinking it is just white. Here the sun is reflected on the branches - on the left hand side where the light comes from.

And then we bring some warmer colors to the snowman coloring page. I love red, so I decided to color the mittens and the cap with red. Notice I did not make the color very thick at this stage - you will soon see, why.

And the reason is here: when you color the cap and the mittens a bit lighter, you can then use thicker color to paint stripes. This means that if you use color pencils, color the base color lightly, and then when you color the stripes, you can use the color pencil with heavier pressure. Notice the tassel - when you carefully draw those curving lines, you can make it look more plump.

And now we add blue color to the Snowman to bring out his form. Notice how the blue follows his shape - it is a bit like you were coloring the number 3. Also the right hand side of his face is shaded with blue, as are his hands - the hand stroking the cat is completely in shade, and the other hand is shaded from underneath only (as the light is coming from the upper left). 

Here I have also painted rosy cheeks on the Snowman. 

And now I have added some more stripes on the mittens. Notice how they curve to reveal the plump shape of the hands inside them. Also I have painted the carrot nose with bright orange. And if you look carefully, you will notice shadows there too - with a darker, brown color, I have colored the right hand side of the nose, following the outline shape. And also, there are small horizontal lines with brown on the carrot nose itself.  (Go and have a look at a real carrot, and you know why).

And now the next step of this snowman coloring page it is the time to bring in even more color - the scarf. I used yellow and green on this one (lovely, bright colors). And again, just like with the cap and the mittens, I did not use very thick color...

And here you see why - just like before I then used more pressure to get darker color and drew wavy lines on the scarf to make it look more real. You can almost imagine seeing individual yarns, can't you?

I'm sure you would have wanted to color the cat first. I know I would have. But I want to color from the back towards the front to make it easier to stay within the lines, so only now did I add the orange color to the cat. And as with the mittens, cap, and scarf - keep the pressure light

And now use the orange color with more pressure, to draw the stripes of the cat. Is his name Tigger, perhaps? Notice again, how the lines are not straight but curve to give a rounder shape to the kitty.

And here I have added brown color to the tree trunk on the right.

And the last step, which is optional because if you use too dark a color, you may make the whole coloring look too dark. So, if you are certain you can use a very light pressure with your colors, you may take a grey color, and very lightly emphasize the shadows. I have used grey in the trees, and in the snowman, and also to bring out the footsteps of the orange cat, and the soft shape of the snow.

This really needs a very light touch, so compare the last two pictures and decide if you want to use the grey at all.

Which ever you decide - now you have completed your snowman coloring page. Was it fun?

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