Snowman Coloring Sheet
Snowman and Broom

Here is a snowman coloring sheet of a little happy snowman and his broom. Let's color this together!

First, print the coloring sheet so you have your drawing ready to be colored.

Take a nice pink pencil or crayon, and color the upper art of the background with it. You may choose to avoid painting over the snowflakes, or you may lightly color over them. (If you do color them, that's the way they will stay, unless you have some thick color that covers the color underneath it.)

Color slowly around the snowman's hat, his form, and the broom.

Then choose a nice orange color. Color the sky behind Mr Snowman down to the level of the ground. Orange color can be blended together with the pink part of the sky, if you color the colors on top of each other. Do this lightly so you won't get sharp edges to the color.

And then we color the hat. It is of thick material, so you can paint it thickly. Yet there will be a shadow over it, so don't use your color with too much pressure or else the color of the shadow won't stick to the hat.

See what I mean? I took a darker brown than the first one used on the hat, and then colored the shadow. It reaches about to the center of the hat - and the brim as well. I made it curve a little bit to give a softer impression to the hat. 

So what does this snowman coloring sheet need next? We need to bring out the snowman, of course. So I took a light blue crayon. I colored the snowman's body with it lightly. Notice how I have colored in circles to bring out the round jolly form of the snowman. I left the coloring a bit rough to give texture to the snowman.

Now, using the same light color blue, color in the shadows of the snowman's form. Also, color the ribbon of his hat first with warm yellow color, and then use the same orange you used to the background and color the shadow of the ribbon with it. Continue the line of the shadow of the hat - it would look funny if the shadow jumped into a totally different place. 

And then we move on to the broom. I used the orange color here too. If you wish to make a darker broom, you can of course use brown color. 

And then we shall give the snowman his eyes. I painted them black (or very dark brown) and used the same color on the buttons as well. And the carrot nose? Yes, the orange color, of course.

And what would a snowman be without a scarf? I wanted something warm-colored so I chose bright red. I colored it rather lightly, to leave the rough structure of the crayon showing. I like it when a painting shows different structures, and like to leave strokes visible too.

And then we add the shadow to the scarf as well, to give it a more realistic look. Use the same red color again and color it with a bit more pressure. Th shadow looks more sleek now, and the rougher surface if on the light side of the scarf.  And I also colored the broomstick with the same brown color I used on the hat.

And now the finishing touches. The little mouse on the brim of the hat got a nice grey color. Also the string keeping the twigs of the broom together got brown color. And then I took the same blue color I used on Mr. Snowman, and colored the snow below with it, giving it more shape. 

At this point I used white color to make the snow flakes more visible. This could be done because the color beneath was very light. I would not recommend an eraser much, because it might be you'll just smudge the background. It might work, though, if you used color very lightly on the background and did not use a heavy hand that would have driven the color deep into the paper.

So, we are all done with this snowman coloring sheet! Maybe you'd like to put your work of art on the wall, or perhaps give it to someone who likes winter and snowmen?

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