Snowman Coloring
Snowman Sleigh-riding

Here is another cute snowman coloring page for you. This time Mr Snowman has gone sleigh-riding in the forest. One of his friends is waving on top of the hill, and a little bunny is taking part in the fun.

You can print the drawing for free here.

So what's this? Have I colored the whole page pink?

No, I have printed the drawing on pink paper. Sometimes it is fun to color on colored paper - you can use the paper as part of the coloring. Also, if you don't use much pressure with your crayons or pencils, you can let the under color shine through a bit. The coarser the paper, the easier this is to do.

To begin with, take a light yellow color. Preferably one with some white in it. That shows better on darker background. Color the sky, beginning from behind the snowman's friend. Continue coloring in a slight round shape over the tips of the trees and to the right. You can of course color the whole sky, but I wanted to leave some pink showing, so I colored it like this. 

And here I have colored another layer of color on top of the previous one, to make the color more smooth.

Now, lets color the trees bright white. You may use some pressure here, to cover the pink away. 

Take a light blue color and color the shadows on the trees. Notice that here the light is coming from behind the trees, so the middle part is darker and the light is reflected only on the outer edges of the branches.

You will see that coloring on top of white will make your color lighter. 

And now we use white to color the slope. Again you notice I don't color to the edges of the paper. I also color the little tree on the front with white. Oh, and the snowman's friend on top of the hill.

And I color another layer of white on top the first one with a lighter hand to blend the color to the pink background.

Using the same blue as in the trees in the background, color the shadow of the slope and the little, remembering that the light comes from behind.

And now it is time to color our jolly little snowman with white.

Add the shadow on the snowman, remembering the light comes from behind.

I thought yellow would be nice - so that's the pillow's color.

Take bright orange and color the shadows to the pillow. Notice how the snowman leans on the pillow and this creates shadows. 

Using the same yellow and orange, paint the stripe on the hat and the scarf. Notice how the pink paper is left untouched, to be a part of the coloring work. Also the band on the hat is first colored with yellow, and then the shadow (to the front) is made with the orange color.

At this stage I paint in the orange carrot nose of the snowman, and his eyes too,

Again, leaving the pink paper untouched, I take a darker pink color and color in the shadows of the sleigh. The same darker pink color goes to the brim of the snowman's hat, and the pink parts of the scarf (to give the impression of shadow). At this point I decided to make the snowman's smile darker pink too.

Now it's the turn of the bunny - color it with white.

And now the finishing touches to the snowman coloring sheet - first the shadows on the bunny. I used darker blue here than I did with the snowman and the slope and trees. This way you bring the bunny more visible. I also used the same darker blue color on the footprints of the bunny and also the snowflakes. (Whoops - seems I left one pink!). I took brown color and used that on the hat of snowman's friend, and the tree trunks, of course. Notice how the bunny's eyes are brown too.

So, there you have it - snowman on a sleigh ride!

All the drawings of the Cat Coloring Pages are copyrighted by the artist. They can be downloaded for personal use only, and they or the derivative works created with them are not to be used for commercial gain. 

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