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Birds Nest

Now what would spring coloring pages be without a picture of a birds nest? Well - nothing, in my opinion. One of the most wonderful things about spring is how the silence of the winter is swept away by the first birds singing. And why do they sing? To mark their territory, to tell everyone their nest is in the area, "this is our home!". In this picture the mother bird is in its nest, content, waiting for the little ones to hatch. A short wait - and then comes the summer with so much to do. The saying "eats like a bird" doesn't mean the little birds eat a little. Nope - they eat their weight in food every day...

spring coloring pages - birds nest

So a lot of activity ahead for this bird mom!

You can use your imagination to color the bird any color you like. Birds can have such beautiful bright colored feathers! Even the small song birds - they do not have to be parrots to have bright colored plumage!

Also the colors of a bird can change color depending on the time of the year. When it is time to find the perfect Mrs, Mr Bird can be of the colors of the rainbow! Think about a peacock - Mr Peacock has such amazing blues and greens - and Mrs Peacock is a very commong looking creature. It needs to be - it needs to blend into the background so that no one sees it and the nest stays safe.

Still a bird's feathers are sometimes so beautiful people want to wear them too - or have those rare birds as pets. Some birds have been hunted from nature to near extinction because of this.

Lets keep the birds in their own natural environment and protect the nature so they will have good places to nest.

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Birds Nest

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