Summer Coloring Pages

Here you find summer coloring pages to remind you of all the joys of summer.

Summer really is great! Sunshine, warm weather, swimming, playing outdoors, flying kites, riding with bikes. Trips to the beach for the whole family, travelling to places you have never seen before. Long walks with the dog, trampoline jumps... The list of fun activities is long.

Or just being lazy in the sun - that is also so much fun. Listening to birds sing, the wind rustling the leaves, enjoying the warm sun.

Enjoy these summer coloring sheets and have fun!


Rose Coloring Pages

rose coloring pages - rose and bud

Roses - the most beautiful flower for many. They can be majestic or cute and come in so many colors: reds, whites, yellows, pinks, peachy colors... And all so beautiful!

If you would like to make rose art but the drawing part doesn't exactly work out, use these rose coloring pages and color away!

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