Teddy Bear Coloring Pages

Here are teddy bear coloring pages for those of you who love those faithful friends.

And this is not just kids! We for example have at home two teddy bears that are decades old - so much loved that they have lost a lot of their fur. But even so they are kept out of the cupboard because they bring back fun memories of childhood.

Teddy bears know how to listen, how to comfort, and how to keep secrets. They are the best friends.

So if you have a special teddy you love, take good care of it!

And what is fun with teddy bears is the fact that they can be of any color!

Here you can show us all how you colored your teddy - I am sure everyone would love to see your art!

Happy Teddy

teddy bear coloring pages - happy teddy

This little teddy is so happy to see you it is positively jumping for joy! The heart in its chest tells all that is important - it is beating just for you!

Right-click to download this PDF file here.

Teddy and Teddy

teddy bear coloring pages - teddy and teddy

Now even a teddy bear needs a teddy bear sometimes - to listen, to hug, to keep secrets and comfort.

Right-click to download this PDF file here.

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teddy bear coloring!!! 
I am printing out my teddy bear art right now and also one for my little sister...the page is soo cute!

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