Winter Coloring Pages

These fun winter coloring pages remind you of all the fun things of winter. Snowmen, snow castles, skiing, skating, snow balls, snowy landscapes... Oh, the fun you can have with snow!

The first snow is always such a joy - children (and adults as well) want to build snowmen, have a little snow fight (be careful, though, so no one gets hurt!), enjoy the beautiful light that snow brigs in the middle of the darkest time of the year. When there is snow, even the nights have some light. And if the moon is bright, it is just magical.

Many people think winter is even more beautiful than summer... 

Winter Coloring Pages:

What would winter be without snowmen? Not much, in my opinion. 

When show comes, I want to see snowmen everywhere. Also one of my very favorite video ever is the Snowman (based on the wonderful children's book by Raymond Briggs). My Christmas won't be Christmas without the Snowman.

Sometimes there isn't enough snow to make a snowman. If that is the case, and you would still like to see snowmen around, here are some snowman coloring pages for you. Color as many as you like!

Put them on your wall or give as gifts to people who understand the value of snowmen and all the fun of winter.

Printable coloring sheet of a snowman with his broomFree printable snowman coloring pages

I am sure your friends and family would appreciate to see your coloring art, maybe as a gift? I know I appreciate self-made gifts more and more each year. When I get a drawing someone made especially for me, I am so happy that someone actually thought I was so important they wanted to make something special for me. 

You will find step by step coloring instructions for. 

Snowman and a little Cat

You can first print your free coloring sheet, and then look at the coloring process one picture at a time. Each picture has its own explanation to show you what you should consider when you color your own snowman.

But of course you can decide yourself how you want to color your snowmen. Who says there cannot be red snowmen? Or blue? Or any color you like, even striped like a candy bar? How about a snowman with polka dots? Imagination is the limit and you don't need to color anything the way it is supposed to look like. Have fun!

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