Adult Coloring Pages

Many of us are searching for adult coloring pages - if you enjoyed coloring as a child, you'll probably enjoy it as an adult too. But with increased skills you want to try your hand at more challenging coloring. 

When I created this coloring website, I thought the coloring sheets should be for children, and drew them accordingly. A bit simplified forms, cute and easy to color. Well, you'll find them on this website, so you can have a look.

And then I saw a newspaper article about adults enjoying coloring. The article in question was about an old people's home where people really enjoyed coloring. Well, that's nice, I thought. Something to keep the elderly occupied. (Yes, I know, it was obvious I knew nothing about adult coloring at that point)

Well, it turned out to be much more than just something to keep the elderly occupied... As often happens, when you start to pay attention to something, this thing seems to pop up from everywhere. 

Someone I knew commented how coloring was fun, but unfortunately the coloring pages were too simple, meant for children. More mentions about adults coloring caught my eye. I saw pictures of real art made out of coloring sheets by adults - sure someone else had drawn the picture, but adding the colors made the art. 

Many commented how relaxing coloring was, and I agreed - when I paint my paintings, I forget the rest of the world completely and just concentrate on those brushstrokes. 

I realized I had had a rather one-sided view of the whole world of coloring. It wasn't just something to keep the children (or elderly) occupied. It was a real world of art on its own right.

And then I thought - why not put up adult coloring pages on If I already had the website, then surely it would be logical to add coloring pages for adults too.

And that is what I am now doing. I am drawing more realistic drawings for this site, and not only that: I am giving info on how to color and paint these pictures. 

You can download the drawings for free and color them as you like.

If you wish to follow step by step instructions, check the magazines I have made. On those full-color magazines I color the picture myself, showing how I did it. Every single step has its own page - the colors are shown so you can mix your colors using the example squares. Techniques are explained as well. 

These magazines are readable on mobile devices and your computer as well. 

Adult Coloring Pages

Abyssinian Cat with Flowers

This is my own Abyssinian girl Pipsa. She is enjoying the summer sun, on a wooden shelf on our balcony. The contrast between the violet petunias and the dark brown coat of the cat is delicious. 

You can download the drawing here.

Tutankhamon's Golden Mask

Probably the most famous ancient Egyptian object in the world - Tutankhamon's wonderful golden mask. 

You can download the drawing here.

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Adult Coloring Pages

Tutankhamon's Golden Mask

Online Coloring Books Magazine - nr.2

Perhaps the most famous ancient Egyptian treasure in the world. 

Create your own piece of art. Each page has a color sample, and all the techniques are explained.

Abyssinian Cat With Flowers

Online Coloring Books Magazine - nr.1

It shows you step by step how to color this pretty Abyssinian cat with flowers. Each page has a color sample, and all the techniques are explained.