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rainbow coloring pencils

When I got zoo animal coloring pages and jungle coloring pages I got so curious about those strange looking animals I wanted to know more about them. I borrowed books from the library and read all my biology books trying to find info about them. I wanted to see how they should be colored so I would get them right. If I didn´t, I just let my imagination run wild. Some of the animals looked almost like rainbows when I really had some coloring fun with them.

Animal coloring sheets made me so curious about the animal world I still haven´t read enough about them. My favorite TV-channel is the Animal Planet and I want to see all the animal documentaries.

I hope these coloring pages will give you lots of fun. If you want to show how you colored them, use the form on each page to do so. I´ll put your picture on the net - and you can also write and tell about yourself. Or maybe you would like to share what you know of the animal you colored? I am sure everyone would be intersted about that kind of information!

So go on, print these pages and have fun coloring them!


jack russell terrier coloring sheet

Dogs - our best friends. What could be better than a dog who loves you? When you come home, it shows you are the best thing it could ever imagine. Day after day after day.

How much fun we have playing with our dogs - and they also keep us healthy and fit because we need to walk with them a lot.

Here are free dog coloring pages for you to color. Have fun!


free horse coloring pages - horse head

Here are some free horse coloring pages for you to color and learn from (you could use them to learn to draw horses too!).

You´ll find a beautiful horse head, a standing horse, a trotting horse and a galloping horse too, of course.

The perfect horse coloring pages for anyone who loves horses!


cat coloring pages - pretty kitty

Who wouldn't love those cheeky little furry friends of ours - cats. I have always had cats and I don't think I own cats. Rather it is the other way around - I am owned by them...

If you love animal coloring pages and also like cats, see these Cat coloring pages.

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