Christmas Tree Coloring Page

A Christmas tree coloring page is the next best thing to a real Christmas tree. (Well, my cats probably don't agree. They consider the Catmas tree their favorite toy of the year.)

My favorite Christmas decoration has always been the Christmas tree - the other decorations are not so important. But it has to be a tree that is so full of decorations as it can carry.

As a child I used to make all sorts of tree decorations myself. Some of them still exist. They look childish, but they have not been thrown away.

And I'm sure you also have some favorite decorations you put on your tree year after year? I do at least. Boxes of them, to be truthful...

There is a story how Martin Luther in the 16th Century was walking home in the winter weather, and saw how beautiful the stars were when they were twinkling in the midst of the trees. He tried to get the same effect by lighting small candles in a tree inside his family's home. 

Still, Christmas tree became popular in our culture only in the 19th century, when Queen Victoria and her family were shown in a newspaper to have a Christmas tree. And if the Queen of Great Britain had a tree, then surely it was acceptable and fashionable. The popularity of this custom spread and these days the Christmas tree is one of the icons of Christmastime. 

If you wish to read more about the history of Christmas tree around the world, here is an interesting website on the subject. 

Christmas Tree Coloring Page
A Tree With Pearls

My favorite Christmas colors are red and gold, and so our tree is full of those colors. But I have seen such beautiful trees in blue, silver, green... All colors really.

And who says the tree has to be green? White trees are pretty too, and I am sure there are plenty of Christmas trees that come in all the colors of the rainbow.

You choose your favorite colors too. Try different combinations (after all it is easy to print the coloring pages many times if you wish). And send your best results for others to see too! 

Another thing I love in our tree are the little toys in all colors.

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