Dot to Dot Printables With a Winter Theme

These dot to dot printables help you pass the time if the weather doesn't allow you to go out and play. 

So take your pencil and carefully draw the line from one dot to another. What will be revealed? Is it something fun you might like to color too? I think you probably would, so take your color pencils or crayons too, and color the result with joyful colors.

What if you printed many sheets of the same picture out and then you and your friends all would draw your own dot-to-dot sheet. Then color them without showing the art to the others until it is finished. Are there differences in your works? I bet there is. (And remember - you can use your imagination, snow does not need to be pure white. It can be many shades of blue, golden and even pink - just look around when you see snow - the shadows are often bright blue, and in the evening the snow can have rosy and golden colors too.)

What if you used the opportunity and add something to these printables? Stars, snow, the sun, trees... Make them your own unique winter dot-to-dots.

Dot to Dot Printables
White and Round With a Broom...

Now whom do you think we have here? Ok, let me give you a hint: he is white, his figure is nice and round, and he stands in the yard or garden with a broom in his hand... He may be wearing an old hat, a scarf and mittens, and in olden times his eyes and buttons were often made with little lumps of coal. His nose is often bright orange in color - it is a carrot, of course.

I'm sure you guess by now whom we are looking at. So go head and print this page and connect the dots!

click to download this PDF file here.

Dot to Dot - a Winter Figure With a Cat

This jolly fellow is making friends with a little cat that happened to walk by.

It is not unheard of that cats like these round fellows - I used to have a cat whose favorite observing point was on top of the head of one of these wintertime friends of ours. If she saw a dog walking by, she scooted after them and chased them off her yard. 

click to download this PDF file here.

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